Contact Lenses

Although many patients are already wearing contact lenses, they are often not completely satisfied with their current contact lens program. Our contact lens practice is focused around designing a program to meet the specific needs of each and every individual. Whether you use them for sports, work or in occasional social situations, we can prescribe the best lens for you.

A contact lens prescription is not the same as a spectacle prescription! In addition to the optical correction of your eye, a contact lens prescription contains detailed information about the design of the lens. We provide precise contact lens evaluations for patients of all ages. Their philosophy and technique of fitting patients has proven extremely successful in nearly all cases. These contact lens experts will analyze each case as unique, from a thorough case history to precise measurements of the eyes. We are equipped with a corneal topographer, which is a computer that precisely measures the curvature of your eyes. Technologies such as this help diagnose the lens that provides the best fit, vision, comfort and health for the eyes. Happy, successful contact lens wearers are something that we are very proud of. We prescribe the best in contact lens technology and have made a commitment to educate our patients on all new advances in the industry. Ask us about getting you into contact lenses!
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